Garden Notes Winter Update

Winter brings a whole new look to the garden, especially one as young as ours.  Endless stretches of tea plants need to be pruned.  Pruning is vital to ensure continuous phase of vegetative growth of a tea plant. It helps to maintain an ideal frame height for economic plucking, renew the wood, divert stored energy to growing shoots, structure bush architecture, regulate the crops and improve bush hygiene.

The task requires huge manual labor, and thus gives us a chance to put hundreds of our  pluckers back in the field.  It gives them a steady income even during the dry spell.  In just three months, this year, they will prune 50% of the garden.

In winter, there is hardly any rain, and the mountains are almost never visible.  The planted sections look austere due to pruning.  Yet, cloaked in fog and mist, the garden also acquires a real aura of mystery that makes it one of my favorite times to visit!

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