Teatulia’s Linda Appel Lipsius on Denver’s CBS4!

Linda Appel Lipsius, Teatulia’s Co-Founder & CEO, was interviewed by CBS4′s Brooke Wagner for Hot Tea Month.

Linda discussed the different types of tea (black, green, white), proper brewing techniques and the health benefits of tea.

Makes for riveting viewing!

Watch here.

Check out our NEW compostable packaging!!!

We are very excited and proud to share with you the Tetulia packaging. This canister is compostable (breaks down naturally within 150 days) and holds 16 biodegradable silken pyramid tea bags.

We went back and fourth several times on packaging between tins, boxes, and everything in between. When we stumbled upon this concept we knew immediately this was the route we wanted to go. Of course we wanted something that was kind to our earth, but sometimes it can be challenging to have an earth-friendly yet attractive package…. but we think we married the two just perfectly. Keep your eyes open for these on the shelves of your favorite tea stores, or you can buy them online at the Tetulia Tea Store.

If you prefer loose leaf tea, don’t worry, we have that on the Tetulia Tea Store, also.

Please share your thoughts on your new packaging and also, let us know what your favorite earth-friendly packages are!

Kantanagar Temple – a stop on the way to Tetulia

Kantanagar Temple

This is an eighteenth century temple located in the Tetulia region.   It is most famous for it’s ornate terracotta bricks that cover the entire exterior of the temple.   From Banglapedia: Every available inch of its wall surface from the base to the crest of its three stories, both inside and out, pulsates with an amazing profusion of figured and floral art in unbroken succession. The vast array of subject matter include the stories of the mahabharata (Mahabharata) and the ramayana (Ramayana), the exploits of Krsna, and a series of extremely fascinating contemporary social scenes depicting the favourite pastimes of the landed aristocracy.

More info on Kantanagar Temple   More Photos of Kantanagar Temple