Teatulia’s Linda Appel Lipsius on Denver’s CBS4!

Linda Appel Lipsius, Teatulia’s Co-Founder & CEO, was interviewed by CBS4′s Brooke Wagner for Hot Tea Month.

Linda discussed the different types of tea (black, green, white), proper brewing techniques and the health benefits of tea.

Makes for riveting viewing!

Watch here.

Notes From the Garden: Total Eclipse

“I was in the garden during the solar eclipse.  Teatulia was in the path of totality, and the district was full of thousands of visitors. The garden was, however, quiet as ever. Unfortunately, the morning was cloudy, but the rapidity with which darkness descended – the depth of it – and then again its lifting, was truly an astounding experience.  During those few minutes, all the birds fell silent, and the bats came out again.  And while we could not see it, neighbors reported sightings of Venus!

The garden itself is doing much better, after a very rough start to the season due to drought.  We are still behind in the crop target for the year (as are all gardens in Bangladesh, and I believe also in Assam and Darjeeling).  But, more importantly, thanks to more normal rain the last couple of months, the plants have stopped suffering.  They look healthy. In many divisions I saw a strong flush.

Also, our new COO Shoaib Ahmed has really taken to the organic spirit. He was much enlivened by a visit to Makaibari, where Rajah Banerjee treated us with all the generosity of a Rajah.  All the people in the garden are inspired by the COO, and going the extra mile to take good care of the fields and plants even in adverse circumstances.  We hope the year will end much better than it started.”  - Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed, Founder & CEO

You can also follow Teatulia Bangladesh on Twitter for updates about our tea garden. @TeatuliaBD

Teatulia gets some love!

Dear Everyone: THANK YOU! We just wanted to write a quick note to everyone that has provided us with feedback and support! It’s not easy being a new brand trying to get your foot in the door, but we believe we’ve got something amazing, and apparently so you do you. Here are some of the great messages we’ve received. Thanks again and keep them coming!

Your organization is really something that I wish more people would take a look at- especially people who put so much weight on buzzwords like ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’ without even taking into account what they mean…keep it up, really. You’re doing a lot of good. - Alex Schmaling on Facebook.

That is a great story and a wonderful video.
I first tasted Teatulia Tea at the Natural Food Expo in March. I had one of the worlds top tea blenders taste it. He loved the tea. We both love the tea.
It was also cool to see the tea place so high in the World Tea Expo Championships. Congratulations to all of you involved. A great tea is a rare and blessed event for all of us. Thank you for the blessing of your tea. – Andy Laub on Vimeo

I have to say this tea is probably the best basic black I have had in a while, slightly nutty, slightly smokey, and perfectly balanced. With a commitment to sustainability and the community I am a happy camper with Teatulia Black. - Rebekah on TeaViews

I fell in love with their story and knew that I had to share it with others. It is so important to give back to the community.I saw their pictures on flickr – truly amazing culture that I know nothing about. It is amazing how isolated we become in our own countries. I think their Tulsi tea is my first tea from Bangladesh. I enjoyed a cup a few days ago, looking forward to enjoying another this evening. – TeaEscapade

For every time you walk into Whole Foods and get overwhelmed by the half truths of their many seemingly progressive labels, remember that there are companies like Teatulia out there who are only full of shit in the sense that their members pay their dues in dung. - Aaron Kagan on Tea and Food

Tasty tea and a clean conscience after drinking it. It’s a Win Win situation! – Brian Caltabiano on Facebook Blog Network

Teatulia tea is doing great job in our Panchagarh. I am proud of it.
Actually I am from Panchagarh, but I live in Tokyo. While I was working on www.panchagarh.info site, I came to know about Teatulia tea. Thanks for everything to everyone of your team. – Tuhin Karim on Facebook

Thanks again everyone! To show our gratitude, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts, and we’ll send you a cup of tea. (email your address to info{at}teatulia{dot}com

Tea and Food: on Tetulia

I wanted to share a wonderful blog post about Tetulia from Aaron over at Tea and Food. Thanks Aaron!!

In the rat race to coin the hottest new food descriptor, terms of substance are quickly eroded by the corner cutting of corporations quick to jump on the bandwagon. Take the kind of “free range” chickens that have a door to the outside but whose legs are too weak to carry their enormous, genetically modified breasts. Among these organic snake oil salesman, Tetulia Teas stands out as different and refreshing as a breath of fresh air or nice cup of green….Click Here for Full Article

Tetulia – More Than Organic

By definition, to be certified USDA Organic, you must adhere to the following:

Avoidance of most synthetic chemical inputs (e.g. fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, food additives, etc), genetically modified organisms, irradiation, and the use of sewage sludge. At Tetulia, we go far beyond Organic: We follow the Masanobu Fukuoka “Do Nothing” farming method. The Fukuoka Method ensures that the land is empowered to constantly enrich itself – relying on rain water alone for irrigation, organically-grown native trees and ground cover for shade, organically-grown herbs and plant extracts for pest control, organic fertilizer from organically-raised cattle and virtually no tilling, weeding, etc.

Farmland must be free of residual chemicals, often for three or more years. Before planting our first Camellia Sinensis in the year 2000, the land had lain fallow. As you can see, now it is rich with organic tea, fruits and vegetables, and other plants, foods, and herbs to sustain our garden and people.
Before Tetulia: Virgin soil After Tetulia: Lush Tea Fields

Detailed production and sales records. Our records are so precise that we are able to trace back to the person who picked the tea that you enjoy at home. By recording all schedules and activities, this allows us to further develop our cooperative and reach out to our employees and surrounding villages.

Strict physical separation of organic products from non-certified products. From planting the Camellia Sinensis to developing our packaging, we never sacrifice the delicate organic nature of our tea. We strive to be “More than organic” so that you may enjoy the benefits of our work, and also contribute to sustaining our precious environment.