Teatulia gets some love!

Dear Everyone: THANK YOU! We just wanted to write a quick note to everyone that has provided us with feedback and support! It’s not easy being a new brand trying to get your foot in the door, but we believe we’ve got something amazing, and apparently so you do you. Here are some of the great messages we’ve received. Thanks again and keep them coming!

Your organization is really something that I wish more people would take a look at- especially people who put so much weight on buzzwords like ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’ without even taking into account what they mean…keep it up, really. You’re doing a lot of good. - Alex Schmaling on Facebook.

That is a great story and a wonderful video.
I first tasted Teatulia Tea at the Natural Food Expo in March. I had one of the worlds top tea blenders taste it. He loved the tea. We both love the tea.
It was also cool to see the tea place so high in the World Tea Expo Championships. Congratulations to all of you involved. A great tea is a rare and blessed event for all of us. Thank you for the blessing of your tea. – Andy Laub on Vimeo

I have to say this tea is probably the best basic black I have had in a while, slightly nutty, slightly smokey, and perfectly balanced. With a commitment to sustainability and the community I am a happy camper with Teatulia Black. - Rebekah on TeaViews

I fell in love with their story and knew that I had to share it with others. It is so important to give back to the community.I saw their pictures on flickr – truly amazing culture that I know nothing about. It is amazing how isolated we become in our own countries. I think their Tulsi tea is my first tea from Bangladesh. I enjoyed a cup a few days ago, looking forward to enjoying another this evening. – TeaEscapade

For every time you walk into Whole Foods and get overwhelmed by the half truths of their many seemingly progressive labels, remember that there are companies like Teatulia out there who are only full of shit in the sense that their members pay their dues in dung. - Aaron Kagan on Tea and Food

Tasty tea and a clean conscience after drinking it. It’s a Win Win situation! – Brian Caltabiano on Facebook Blog Network

Teatulia tea is doing great job in our Panchagarh. I am proud of it.
Actually I am from Panchagarh, but I live in Tokyo. While I was working on www.panchagarh.info site, I came to know about Teatulia tea. Thanks for everything to everyone of your team. – Tuhin Karim on Facebook

Thanks again everyone! To show our gratitude, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts, and we’ll send you a cup of tea. (email your address to info{at}teatulia{dot}com

Teaviews.com gives Teatulia White Tea a nice review

This is the first review of Teatulia White Tea that Teaviews has done, and it falls right in line with the rest. Our organic white tea is some of the most delicate yet fresh tea out there.

For a smooth and clean-tasting white tea that is 100% organic and from a company that has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, this tea is well worth the splurge!”

-Vanessa, Teaviews reviewer

Thanks Vanessa!

Teatulia White Tea is available in our biodegradable silken pyramid bags, or as loose leaf tea.  All 100% organic tea.

marTEA.com Reviews Tetulia Black

marTEA.com just posted a review of Tetulia Black Tea.

The flavor was very pleasing.  The smooth, fresh flavor with low astringency, made for a very good first impression.  This is an excellent everyday black tea.  The tea is full bodied with a slight sweetness that adds to the overall balance of the tea.   This tea easily rivaled many breakfast blends that I’ve tried lately.

Click Here to read the full article.

Thanks marTEA!!!

Tetulia and Ayurveda

Tetulia’s range of premium teas feature 3 very unique teas. Tulsi Infusion, Neem Nectar, and Vasaka Laka. All three of these teas have herbs that have significant uses in Ayurveda. In the coming blog posts we will discuss more about the uses of these herbs, but first – what is Ayurveda??? Tetulia teamed up with Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant – Jessica Richmond. Here, Jessica gives a brief overview of the basic principals of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is, “The Science of Life.” Originating from India, ayurveda teaches us how to live our lifes in harmony with the cycles of nature so we can live a life free of disease, or so we can help to trigger our bodies own natural healing response to cure disease. We use food, herbs, teas, lifestyle practices, yoga, massage, and many other natural techniques in ayurveda.

Why do we practice ayurveda?

In this fast-paced life of today, we often are disconnected to the subtle messages of our bodies and minds, and we don’t really end up listening until the message turns into a loud screaming, or in western terms, a full-blown ailment or disease, such as cancer, heart disease, migraines, multiple-sclerosis, anxiety, depression, weight gain, etc. We practice ayurveda because it helps us get more in touch with ourselves,and to listen more carefully to the subtle messages our bodies are sending us. When we listen to these messages, instead of numbing them out, we are able to make slight adjustments in how we are living or what we are eating, for example, to get our body back into balance so the full-blown disease never occurs and so we can live a life full of ease.

What is your dosha?
A dosha is the primary energy that is expressed in a person. The energy could be that of ether, air, fire, water, or earth. There are three doshas in all, and that is how an ayurvedic practitioner will look at you — through the lens of what energy you mostly are at the time. Once we know what your dosha is, we can help you to get your system back in balance

Jessica Richmond is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in teaching clients how to apply Ayurvedic principles to an American lifestyle. She helps clients bring their lives back into balance by using foods, natural herbs, and other simple lifestye practices. Jessica completed a 700 hr ayurvedic practitioner training at Kripalu and studied Ayurveda for 4 months in India. She is currently practicing at Alaya Yoga Spa in Louisville, CO. To set up an ayurvedic consultation with her, go to www.alayayogaspa.com.