Denver’s Best Coffee & Tea are Partnering Up!

Teatulia Tea and Novo Coffee named Best of Denver 2009 - Westword Magazine

Teatulia Tea and Novo Coffee named Best of Denver 2009 - Westword Magazine

Denver’s Best Coffee & Tea (Westword Magazine, 2009), Novo Coffee and Teatulia Tea, both of Denver, Colorado, have partnered up to bring you the finest hot beverages around.

Both Novo & Teatulia have an unparalleled connection and commitment to origin – Novo through strong relationships with farmers throughout the coffee-producing world that have been cultivated over the past decade and Teatulia, which sources all of its Tea from one single incredible Tea Garden.

Truly sustainable, Teatulia Teas are grown using a next-level natural farming method on a cooperative garden in the North of Bangladesh. The Teatulia Tea garden has regenerated the ecosystem in the entire region and lifted thousands of women, men & children out of poverty. Novo sources from one of the few woman-owned farms in Ethiopia, among others, and is committed to sourcing from growers who practice sustainable farming methods.

Novo Coffee & Teatulia Tea’s commitment to quality and taste results in an elevated drinking experience. Novo through coffees with unparalleled richness, complexity and subtlety and Teatulia through smooth, highly drinkable orthodox Teas. Neither company adds artificial flavors or colors that would detract from the purity of their beans & leaves.

Look for a combined Holiday Gift Pack coming soon! 3 options of exquisite Teatulia Tea and Novo Coffee – the perfect gift for any Coffee and/or Tea lover!

Westword Best of Denver 2009 Votes Teatulia as Best Tea

March 26th, 2009

Denver-based Teatulia doesn’t market a lot of teas:  it offers a simple range of eight organic, pesticide-free leaves and blends direct from a sustainable Bangladesh tea garden.  But all of them are grown naturally and packaged in biodegradable canisters.  Teatulia also supports a Bangladeshi cooperative by feeding a portion of profits back into the community to establish cattle herds and improve hygiene, education and literacy.  And the topper is that Teatulia teas really do taste good:  rich, sweet and perfectly cured, each small-batch brew sticks in your memory, a cup well-savored.

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